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Freemium is stealing from you

Ever wondered how apps like Gaana provide you access to content worth thousands with just an Internet connection? How do they compensate for the resources they spend to deliver content, from you? After all they are not charging you anything just to access media content on their servers using their interface. I got curious. I already know they compensate by spamming you with ads between every track. But that is it? Let’s look for ourselves.

Using the standard way to inspect Android packages, I extracted the classes.dex and then inspected with a decompiler. I found numerous instances made to SQLlite databases. Well, then I found out that they are saving sensitive details to a db and then sending it to their partners.

They are really interested in what applications I use, even times I updated it.

Look at this, man. Horrifying.

What the hell is this?

Even my girlfriend doesn’t stalk me like this.

Gaana is pretty popular in the country. I wonder how much data of users do the developers and ad partners have. This is one of the numerous instances that prove freemium apps are just adware branded in the name of ‘content’. Don’t sell yourself.

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