Hacking Android games for fun and profit

I have been noticing a recent trend of LAN based Android multiplayer games getting popular around me. It’s a quite easy way to game with each other during class hours with comparitively low latency and with enough known players around, it’s both fun and a sweet way to pass time during boring lectures. Current trend corresponds to Doody Army 2: Mini Militia but I don’t know why it’s so popular, so don’t ask me. Everybody around me is playing it and I also tried joining a couple of times but got bored pretty quick. Pretty easy goal: Kill others by maximizing your chances with weapons. Well today, suddenly I got the temptation to look what’s in it. Don’t ask me why either.

Since apk packaging is no mystery and just a zip format archive, I used unzip to extract all its contents and looked into them. I then used dex2jar to convert the .dex files

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