How to install Golem in Debian 10 (Buster)

The Golem project is certainly an interesting effort on the idea of using the computing resources of peers in a decentralized network. This concept has been long hinted but there hasn’t been any major advancements. With the rise of Blockchain, Golem looks promising in achieving the feat. I’m personally very interested in the challenges of achieving scalability, security and performance.

The alpha release 0.10.0 was released two days ago on 20th of December, 2017. There is an .tar.gz archive downloadable for Linux distros which contains the golemapp and the golemcli along with applications for rendering graphics.

If you are using Debian Buster, you will probably run into a couple of errors, atleast for now.

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Freemium is stealing from you

Ever wondered how apps like Gaana provide you access to content worth thousands with just an Internet connection? How do they compensate for the resources they spend to deliver content, from you? After all they are not charging you anything just to access media content on their servers using their interface. I got curious. I already know they compensate by spamming you with ads between every track. But that is it? Let’s look for ourselves.

Using the standard way to inspect Android packages, I extracted the classes.dex and then inspected with a decompiler. I found numerous instances made to SQLlite databases. Well, then I found out that they are saving sensitive details to a db and then sending it to their partners.

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Hacking Android games for fun and profit

I have been noticing a recent trend of LAN based Android multiplayer games getting popular around me. It’s a quite easy way to game with each other during class hours with comparitively low latency and with enough known players around, it’s both fun and a sweet way to pass time during boring lectures. Current trend corresponds to Doody Army 2: Mini Militia but I don’t know why it’s so popular, so don’t ask me. Everybody around me is playing it and I also tried joining a couple of times but got bored pretty quick. Pretty easy goal: Kill others by maximizing your chances with weapons. Well today, suddenly I got the temptation to look what’s in it. Don’t ask me why either.

Since apk packaging is no mystery and just a zip format archive, I used unzip to extract all its contents and looked into them. I then used dex2jar to convert the .dex files

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